synergy care

contract therapy

At Synergy Care, we serve over 60 skilled nursing facilities throughout Texas and Louisiana and also provide therapy services to non-Medicare nursing facilities, outpatient therapy clinics, and hospitals.

Working seamlessly with our sister company Broussard Healthcare Consulting, we provide our clients with the best service in Contract Rehab and Therapy Care by continually increasing our services and developing new programs to achieve optimum outcomes for our clients, therapists, and patients.

Thanks to our CPA heritage, our ability to see you as our business client as well as our therapy customer promises you greater success in both areas.

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Synergy Care employs rehabilitation therapists committed to providing patients with the highest level of skill and care to optimize desired therapy outcomes. We recognize these professionals may be new graduates or more experienced therapists, and we offer education and training to meet their various needs.

In addition to a comprehensive and competitive salary and benefits package, including 401K match, we provide support to our employees in their personal and professional growth.  We offer opportunities for their internal advancement in our corporate environment which is personable, fair, and committed to ethical practices.

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